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Our focus is mainly on low cost and earth-friendly solutions such as pest control and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, e.g. mosquito control, insect traps and sprays, fertilizers, and emission reduction with increased BTU's and horsepower.


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Canada's only Mosquito Repellent
for Grassy Areas
Mosquito Barrier® Mosquito Barrier®
For Parks, Athletic Fields
and Golf Courses
Mosquito Barrier®
Available in Canada

Relax - It's Garlic!!

No Chemicals - No Mosquitos.


Mosquito Barrier at the G8 Summit in 2010
Find out more about this product in the
Insect Control Section.
The Bed Moat
The Bed Moat (NEW)

Learn more about bed bugs and The Bed Moat. Click here to visit TheBedMoat.com

Rescue! Big Bag Disposable Fly Trap
Rescue! Big Bag Disposable Fly Trap
More product information from the manufacturer.
Rescue Big Bag Fly Trap Info - Display (.pdf)
ProOne Extreme Pressure Lubricants (Earth Friendly)
Take a look at the ProOne line of products.
View a demo of the XPL-101 Pentrating Lubricant online now!
Also, contact us for an in-person demo today!
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Upper Canada Organic Products is proud to announce that it's product, Mosquito Barrier, will be protecting world leaders in Huntsville during the G8 Summit in 2010.

Huntsville has the recipe for G8 success: Add garlic

Town hopes to ward off Black Fly Summit label, but some fear inconvenience posed by meeting

By Richard J. Brennan Toronto Star

HUNTSVILLE, Ont.- Canada is counting on garlic, known for repelling vampires, to make this town attractive to the world's most powerful people.


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Good News from Kenya!


Hope this message finds you well. Mosquito Barrier Registration has finally been approved in Kenya. And it is a full registration! I am grateful since you shared useful information/data with us that helped advance the process.

Kind regards

Dr. Philip Gichohi

How the Garlic War Was Won!

An Interview with David Smorenburg
By Brenda Feuerstein

The following interview was conducted on December 21, 2006, with David Smorenburg, the importer of Mosquito Barrier, a garlic-based alternative pesticide that is human and environment friendly . . . and works fabulously!

Read the full interview (.pdf)



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