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Upper Canada Organic Products brings you a number of products to help your customers enjoy the outdoors. Be sure to ask about the product display options available to you.

Featured Product Lines:
Sterling Rescue! at rescue.com // Research and Development at Rescue - pdf
Orange Guard at orangeguard.com (not available in Canada)
Canada's Only Mosquito Repellent
for Grassy Areas
Mosquito Barrier® Mosquito Barrier®
For Parks, Athletic Fields
and Golf Courses
What makes our garlic product exceptional?

You may wish to read Dr. Larry Lawson's analysis of Mosquito Barrier. He is a researcher for Silliken Laboratories, one of the largest analytical laboratories in the world.

To read his report, click here.
Mosquito Barrier Testimonial
"Mosquito Barrier Rocks!"
"We use it on our farm and in our yard. It helps protect both our family and our animals from mosquitoes. We spray it on our lawn and a do a protected area for our livestock, where they come for both shade and water. We have found it to be an effective and safe alternative to other methods of control. By spraying at times when friendly pollenators are not active, we have found no adverse affects on them.

We have recommended this product be used on the University Research Farm here in Manitoba, as well as at a number of horse operations and bed & breakfasts.

As the product becomes more popular and well known, stocking up is becoming
important as you do not want to run out in the middle of the season!"

All the best,
Shanyn, Earl & Luke
Smilin Coyote Ranch

Mosquito Barrier®

Mosquito Barrier, the strongest garlic available on the market.  

Only from garlic grown in North America and non-GMO. 

Great value at 0.97L (1 quart) bottle which treats up to 1/2 hectare (1 1/4 acres) MSR $39.95

Best value 3.79 L (1 US Gallon) which treats up to 2 hectares (5 acres) MSR $99.95

Available in Canada
More product info from the manufacturer - USA data only
** Mosquito Barrier® Q and A (.pdf) **
Mosquito Barrier® - Label (.pdf) (Francais)
Mosquito Barrier® - It's Evolution - USA data only (.pdf)
Mosquito Barrier® - Field Test Updated 2001 - USA data only (.pdf)
Mosquito Barrier® - Turf Application - USA data only (.pdf)

Mosquito Barrier® Information (French) - Page 1 (.pdf)
Mosquito Barrier® Information (French) - Page 2 (.pdf)

REPORT: The Health Effects of Pesticides Used for Mosquito Control (.pdf) * Report Courtesy of "Our Friends to the South Citizens Campaign for the Environment"

No Chemicals - No Mosquitos.

Can be used in many organic growing programs.

Priced competitively with chemical pesticides. For instance, a typical city lot (50' x 150') can be virtually pest free for less than $40 CDN per year.


Mosquito Barrier is 99.3% concentrated garlic extract. The other 0.7% is the inert ingredients - citric acid and potassium sorbate. Imagine, inert ingredients that most enjoy daily in their diets! Read the label of other products. Many inert ingredients, if listed, are highly toxic and worse for our health than the listed active ingredient.

Have you ever heard of garlic juice harming anyone, except perhaps Dracula?

Normally dries in minutes, leaving NO ODOUR.

Now you can be safe and comfortable in your yard, cottage, park, garden, or at dinner without fear of being exposed to chemical pesticides or mosquitoes. Why are local and other government bodies still spraying chemicals when a better, cheaper and safer alternative is available?

Poison free.

Garlic doesn't kill songbirds, pesticides do! What do chemical pesticides really kill? We will be happy to provide you with any additional information upon request. Please Contact Us for more information.

The Bed Moat
The Bed Moat (NEW)

The use of this sleek monitoring device is a cost effective and preventative solution - it lets you know when bed bugs are present. Referred to in the professional pest control industry as "passive monitors", they are scientifically proven to be the most effective detection tool for bed bugs on the market.

The Bed Moat fits under the leg of your bed, sofa, chairs etc., and captures bed bugs in search of a blood meal. The walls of the Bed Moat are hyper polished, making them smoother than glass; the Bed Bugs fall in and can't climb out! Monitoring for bed bugs is hugely beneficial and extremely cost effective for places like homes, dormitories, apartments, hotels, and healthcare facilities.

Good advice is to make your bed an island, leaving a bed bug's only passage to the blood meal (specifically YOU!) through The Bed Moat monitor. The Bed Moat monitors for bed bugs 24 hours a day 7 days a week, providing you piece of mind.

. Protection from bed bugs entering your bed.
. Capture any bugs leaving your bed.
. Cost effective and can be used again.
. No Chemicals.
. Discreet square design
. Perfect for hotels, institutions, dormitories and homes


Canadian designed and developed by Licensed Pest Control Professionals. University tested with proven results!

Learn more about bed bugs and The Bed Moat. Click here to visit TheBedMoat.com

Good Night Bug Light

The Good Night Bug Light is designed as an easy method of keeping your home or other indoor space free from flying insects using energy-efficient UV

The UV light attracts the insects to the non-toxic, natural adhesive trap card. Just plug it in and have a Good Night.

The Good Night Bug Light is proven to effectively trap annoying and disease carrying flying insects such as:
House Flies, Fruit Flies, Moths, Asian Lady Beetles, Bottle Flies, Yellow Jackets, Mosquitoes.

Comes ready to use.

Additional glue boards are available.

For additional information visit gardnerep.com
WHY Trap
Rescue! - WHY Trap (NEW)
More product information from the manufacturer.
WHY Trap Brochure - Front (.pdf)
WHY Trap Brochure - Back (.pdf)
WHY Trap Introduction (.pdf)
We have the answer to your problems with wasps, hornets and yellowjackets.

Introducing the W-H-Y Trap from Rescue® - the first and only trap to catch wasps, hornets and yellowjackets: 20 species in all!
Rescue! Japanese Beetle Trap
Rescue! Japanese Beetle Trap
More product information from the manufacturer.
Rescue Japanese Beetle Product Info - Display (.pdf)
Using Japanese Beetle Traps Effectively (.pdf)

The Japanese Beetle is a severe garden pest from Central Canada to the east coast. They have been a growing problem because the insects entered North America without their natural enemies and found both a favourable climate and an abundant food supply.
The larval stage of the Japanese beetle wipes out lawns, feeding on grass roots.

How it works:
The RESCUE!® Japanese Beetle Trap uses floral scents proven to be a natural attractant, along with the Beetle’s natural sex attractant. The trap uses a scientifically designed method to control the release of these natural floral and sex attractants to lure both male and female beetles to the trap. The convenient cone design prevents the user from having to handle the actual attractants.

Redesigned last year, this is an all-in-one trap with no accessories to buy. The bag has a large capacity and is more durable than the competition's.

Insects caught:
This trap catches the Japanese Beetle, a destructive garden pest that infests and destroys over 300 species of plant life, especially ornamentals like roses. They feed on the upper surface of the foliage of these plants, consuming soft tissues between the veins and leaving a lace like skeleton. Injured leaves eventually turn brown and die.

What kills the insects:
Once attracted, Japanese Beetles fly into the large yellow panels of the trap and are stunned on impact. They then fall into the attached disposable entrapment bag. Once inside, they cannot fly out of the trap.

Where it's used:
The trap should be placed 10-30 feet downwind of foliage to trap beetles flying towards it. Hang the trap by its twist tie hanger from a post or stake 1-4 feet above the ground, away from the desired foliage. During heavy rain or wind, the trap should be removed to a protected location.

• Welded design ensures bag stays attached to panels.
• Durable, double layer nylon bag. Inside is slippery to the beetle so it cannot escape.
• Attractant included.
• Vanes have a larger surface area to stun beetles.
• Catch capacity is 4 times larger than competition.
• Central attractant placement disperses pheromone in all directions.

Rescue! Disposable Fly Trap
Rescue! Disposable Yellowjacket Trap
Rescue! Disposable Yellowjacket Trap
More product information from the manufacturer.
Rescue Disposable Yellowjacket Info - Display (.pdf)
Rescue! Big Bag Disposable Fly Trap
Rescue! Big Bag Disposable Fly Trap
More product information from the manufacturer.
Rescue Big Bag Fly Trap Info - Display (.pdf)
Rescue! Reusable Fly Trap
Rescue! Reusable Fly Trap
More product information from the manufacturer.
Rescue! Reusable Fly Trap
More product information from the manufacturer.
Rescue POP Product Info - Display (.pdf)

In the spirit of reduce-reuse-recycle, we are introducing a new product in 2008 made from used two-litre soda bottles.

The POP! Fly Trap will give these bottles new life... as a death trap for flies! The trap will incorporate a post-consumer bottle with a custom fitted lid and the same entry structure as our disposable fly and yellowjacket traps. One package of RESCUE!® Fly Attractant will be contained inside, with refills sold separately so that the trap can be used again and again.

Rescue! Fly Tape with "VisiLure"
More product information from the manufacturer.


Rescue! Fly Trap Attractant
Rescue! Reusable Yellowjacket Trap
Rescue! Reusable Yellowjacket Trap
Rescue Yellowjacket Trap Product Info - Display (.pdf)
Orange Guard - Home Pest Control
More product information from the manufacturer.
Orange Guard - Home Pest Label (.pdf)
Orange Guard - FAQ (.pdf)
Orange Guard Product Efficacy Studies (.pdf)
Not Available in Canada

Please contact us to find out if Orange Guard is available in your country!
Orange Guard Home Pest Control is now registered in Australia and Israel!
Orange Guard - Ornamental Plants Concentrate
More product information from the manufacturer.
Orange Guard - Ornamental Plants Label (.pdf)
Orange Guard - FAQ (.pdf)
Orange Guard Product Efficacy Studies (.pdf)
Not Available in Canada

Please contact us to find out if Orange Guard is available in your country!
Orange Guard Home Pest Control is now registered in Australia and Israel!
Coming Soon!
Bye Bye Bugs (formerly Northern Croc)
All Natural Personal Insect Repellant
Units: 2 oz/60 ml
Rub into exposed skin. Repeat as needed. Avoid eyes.

More information about Northern Croc (.pdf)
Field Test Results (.pdf)

Retailers Note: NOT AVAILABLE IN CANADA - Private label inquiries wanted. FOR EXPORT ONLY; contact us for more details.

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